Mitchell Family Eye Care

Contact Lens Fitting

Our doctors have successfully fit thousands of patients who were previously told that CLs were not an option.

All of our doctors are well versed in the newest technology in multifocal contact lenses, specialty toric lenses, and daily disposable lenses.

In addition, our doctors individually specialize in ultra-high-tech specialty contact lenses:

  • Dr. Lisa Mitchell is the only eye doctor in the area with extensive experience fitting specialty contact lenses for patients with keratoconus, post-surgical corneal irregularity, and other conditions.
  • Dr. Deroche specializes in Orthokeratology, or Corneal Reshaping Technology, a non-surgical option ┬áthat helps correct nearsightedness without the daytime use of contacts or glasses. These specialty lenses are worn at night, and correct the curvature of the cornea while sleeping so you can see clearly during the day.

It may be time for you reconsider the option of contact lens correction for whatever vision issues you may have!

Contact Lenses at Mitchell Family Eye Care

Contact Lenses for Your Vision Needs

At Mitchell Family Eye Care, we offer the best in contact lenses to address a wide range of vision conditions, including specialty lenses not offered by other doctors.

Listed below are a few of the conditions managed with contact lenses, and specialty contact lenses used.

Vision Conditions:

  • Astigmatism
  • Presbyopia
  • Nearsightedness/Farsightedness

Specialty Contact Lenses:

  • Colored/Cosmetic Contacts
  • Toric Contacts for Astigmatism
  • Bifocal/Multifocal Contacts
  • Rigid Gas-Permeable Contacts

Ultra-Specialty Contact Lenses

  • Scleral Contact Lenses: For post-surgical, damaged, or irregular corneas
  • Orthokeratology Lenses
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