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How can I slow my child’s myopia?

Myopia Management Therapy In our previous post we discussed myopia, the term for having a nearsighted prescription. Not only does myopia make distance vision blurry, it also increases the risk of developing certain ocular conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, and retinal detachments. Today, we’re going to talk about how to manage childhood myopia to limit Read more »

What is Myopia or Nearsightedness?

What is Myopia? “I can see up close without my glasses but I need them to see far away. Does this mean I am nearsighted or farsighted?” We hear this all the time and know it can be confusing! Being nearsighted means you have a hard time seeing far away without correction. Being farsighted means Read more »

Why are Retinal Photos Important?

We are very excited to announce that Mitchell Family Eye Care is now offering retinal photography for every patient at their annual exam! This new technology allows our doctors to more effectively examine your ocular health, monitor for changes, and present your findings in the format of a digital image. What is a retinal photograph? Read more »